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I am currently hunting for a new job but i am really struggling to get past the application process.


In the last few months i have sent of both applications and my CV but don't seem to get any interviews never mind job offers.


I honestly don't know where i am going wrong.


Would anyone be willing to take a quick peek at my CV and let me know as a potential employer if you would offer me an interview and if no why not.


I want honest advice as i feel it the only way forward and would really appreciate the help


Do you think many would be put off by my L6 if they are only advertising for L3

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Hi there.

What sort of a setting are you looking for a post in? I am in a pre-school and would willingly have a look at your CV if that would help, but if you are going for a post in a school perhaps somebody from there would be better suited to take a look.


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Hi SazzJ

I have removed your attachment of your CV. It had a lot of your personal details on it such as telephone numbers and your address which is not a good idea. Can you modify it and take these details off and then re attach it?


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I would just say that it is perhaps a little lengthy in regard to your career history but that the summary is extremely short and doesn't really give any potential employer much information about you as a person. I haven't had to apply for a job for over 5 years but my husband helped me with my CV when I did and it looks very professional! I can easily email it to you to have a look at if you would like. :o

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I would also agree with Beau.. perhaps a bit 'waffly' for want of a better phrase.


A more concise professional experiences (career history) so that it is easy to see what you have achieved , when reading lots of these as some potential employers are it needs to be easy to read concise.


Also would include any other skills and qualifications in areas not covered by your professional ones.. if there are any


And Interests and achievements... something about you, what you like doing , any charity events you may have taken part in?


son was told ideally keep it to one or max 2 pages...it is a summary of your abilities. not always easy but I have a copy of my sons which while not in same field could give an idea...( It worked for him) Pm me if you want to see it.



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I'd keep it to a page with a statement at the top that may read;


'A well qualified person, who is capable of managing on thier own as well as within a team. I enjoy working with children immenseley......blah, blah, blah -but no longer than four lines!


That way you catch their eye in a short statement.


Then list your quals like this:




[*]GCSE's - not necessarily the grades


Then state any other bits:

[*]First aid -valid until

[*]volunteered with .............

[*]training such as speech & lang or observation methods (you can use some areas of study to bullet too-but keep it short.



Finally, ensure all your contact details are easy to read and your name is clear.


And extra, extra finally make it really easy to read-show it to your family/friends and ask them to read it within a minute! Question them after and you'll know if they took it in.


Finally, finally, finally the very best of luck - enjoy your career! x

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