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I am due to receive a little boy with cerebal palsy in sepetember and am very anxious as to how to intergrate him into my reception class. I want to be positive about him being in mainstream but have had no experience of any disability in my class before. He is walking, mostly with a frame but also with support on shoulders. My main concern is he has no speech, only some hand gestures. How can I give him the support he needs? He will have a statement but we are yet to appoint the LSA. How can I assess him, how will he be able to do PE? Stupid questions maybe sorry.

Can anyone give me any tips, books to read, websites, support networks?

I want him to have the best and I don't think I can do it!

Thank you in advance


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I know how you feel , i had a child with CP too and was very anxious how to intergrate him. I do have to say he was crawling when he came to us and did have a few words so his condition was only mild.... a year on he is walking and talking and my staff and i are on cloud nine as we have helped and watched him progress...you will get lots of support and i think enjoy watching his progress..try not to worry too much..good luck :D

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HI Ali

Don't panic- easy for me to say I know but it will be alright. His statement should describe his needs and you should get help from your Senco and outside agencies involved with him.

Try a Google search for CP and you will alnost certainly find enough background info to make you feel more knowledgeable and therefore in control. His parents will also be a good source of info, they will no doubt be nervous too and will be only to keen to work with you to get this right.

I know it seems strange but in a special unit in a mainstream school many of the children are integrated first into PE! Obviously you will need to be aware of his abilities and how to differentaite and extend him. If he has support in these lessons it may also be possible to follow an IEP for him.


I hope there is someone else who can give you more specialised help.

GOod luck.

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