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Is anyone doing the E230. I am a bit stuck on some bits. What is scary is that the tutor stated in her tutorial notes reasons why some of her past students have failed. Oh dear??? Feeling very worried now.

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I did E230 in its first presentation and loved it!

Which parts are you stuck on??

If the tutor has revealed why some students failed then I wouldn't be scared by it :o Use the information to ensure you don't go down the same route xD


I still have all my TMA's /ECA and all the course material/books. Might have to refresh my memory on some details but if you share what it is that concerns you maybe I will be able to help - happy to try - and I am sure that I am not the only one here who has completed this course.

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How have your competence and confidence developed in the two subjects you have chosen?




The effective ways of being taught science in my secondary years have greatly influenced my competence and confidence in the subject and has resulted in my undertaking these subjects at A’level standard. Despite this, I too held a narrow view of science, scientists and their impact on my life (The Open University 2005, p28). However, engaging in the course materials and doing the subject audits l have been able to revive my existing knowledge. I have also now recognised that experiments and investigations which has been my first encounter of the subject and is visible in the strong area in the audit have influenced how l am now teaching science in the Early Years. My knowledge in Electricity and magnetism, waves, light and sound have been increased as a result of helping my children with their school projects.[/size]

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HI serena

I don't know if the criteria has changed at all since I did E230 but part 3 gives a suggested word allocation of 300 split into 150 words for each of your chosen subjects. On that basis I assume you are asking for advice just on what you have written for 'science' and that you have yet to write on your second subject


I think you are on the right track with what you have written :o


The guidance suggests that you refer back to the critical incident/period that you discussed in Part 2. (and i don't know what you did in part 2) I am guessing that 'the effective ways of being taught science in my secondary years' might be referring back to your critical incident? or maybe where you say 'I have also recognised that experiments and investigations which has been my first encounter of the subject and is visible as a stong area in the audit..' is this relating to the critical incident/period you have used in part 2?


Sorry I really don't mean to raise more questions than answers and hope you can see where I am coming from. For each subject you need to refer back to the critical incident and 1) describe how your attitude has developed as a result and 2) the extent the impact of the critcal incident is visible in your audit.


I think you have covered the requirement of considering your competence and willinginess to engage in them.


You are also asked to link your competance and attitude to subject area knowledge with those of individuals described in block 1.


I found this last bit rather tricky and though I was 'doing' science as one of my subjects in part 3 I linked to Fiona in block 1. I know she was doing maths but I just said that I empathised with her reflection on her study and used a quote from her that was relevant to me and science!



It must have been OK as I got 93%


Hope this helps but if not shout!!

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