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Ok, i have been away a while and just renewed my subscription at last!!!


Basically I moved to Canada in October etc, etc


Anyway I had an interview today at a child care centre and they have asked me back on Thursday and they want me to plan a science craft activity and a circle time activity for 2.5 - 3 years olds, there will be 8 of them and 2 other adults including myself. I think they basically want to look at my planning etc, but i will be carrying out the activities aswell. The theme is 'cool science' very broad i know.


So ideas, ideas, i need ideas!!??



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I did think of that, but i think they are expecting a craft activity as such, and a science circle time i think :o

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A few craft ideas.. most using paint got mst from here...


Rip up tissue paper and put into little bowls of water. Use the coloured liquid to paint with.


Paint as normal, then sprinkle salt over the picture.


Use old film pots with holes pierced in the lid and fill them with powder paint. Put paper in the bottome of a tray, washing up bowl or whatever. Sprinkle the paint on the paper using the film pots, then add ice cubes and wibble the tray about..........

a bit like marble painting but different. I have also mixed paint into ice lolly moulds, they use them to mark the paper and as the ice melts the paint gets a runnier consistency!!!


explore what happens to wet paper when you add crayon, pencil, charcoal, fel tip, powder paint sprinkled on, little squirts of liquid paint etc then taking a paintbrush dfifferent sizes etc though the paints in trails.


Circle time scisence how about a volcano bicarb abd vunegar or we use bottled lemon or lime juice for a different smell.




Have you tried a forum search for science week start here science

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I would assume they would want the two linked together in some way - so a craft activity and then a circle time to back up the science used in the craft. So make sure that whatever you choose for the craft is something you can then explain in a simple way afterwards!


Good luck. :o

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an effective science activity is with felt tip pens and filter paper.

In the circle of filter paper cut 2 strips from the adge to the middle and fold down to make a leg. put a big spot of colour on the filter paper next to the leg. Then place the paper over a tub of water, with the leg in the water to about 1/2 inch from the colour. Watch as the colour spreads out into its component colours. Try out first but usually works well with blacks, browns and purple.

It's the reverse of mixing colours!! I think it's called chromatography!

Hope it's useful for someone.


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