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Had this email sent to me,


if I was closer to Bromley I'd take up this opportunity:



'Hello again,


We are now ready to publish the first of our local Pocket Guides for families.

This very first edition will cover Bromley, the largest of the London boroughs which has over 30,000 households with under 16's. This may be of interest to you even if you are not in Bromley.


We are offering limited FREE advertising space in this first edition. Relevance to Families in S.E England is essential.


Free 1/4 page Colour Advert for companies with a multi-area ad on our website.


Free Text ad + border for companies with a standard advert on our website.


Free 1/4 page Colour Advert for companies offering a worthwhile discount on their product or service or free gift for Parent Pages users.


Free one line listing for all companies located in the borough of Bromley offering a service to families with children


To register your interest please reply to this email with your company name, contact details, and the offer you wish to take up. If you have copy ready please attach. 1/4 page is 4.5 x 6 cm portrait.


Space is limited and is subject to approval. Advertising is not necessarily on a first come first served basis but may be based on relevance, offer, and quality of copy.


The Pocket guides are handy sized A6 booklets between 70 - 100 pages. Each edition lists information specific to one borough or district and is published twice a year. We will initially be printing 10,000 per edition and these will be distributed free, in and around the area.


The Pocket Guides do not contain editorial, which tends to date a publication. Our parent guides offer advertisers 'stickability'. Something that will be held on to until the next edition. Imagine a pocket version of the Yellow pages, but relevant to families with children.


Parents with children usually want to know what is available for them on their doorstep.

Many of our competitors cover wide geographical areas - too wide to be really useful or relevant to many parents or local advertisers who only serve a small community, sometimes even an area as small as a school catchment area.

Parent Pages will provide families with this very local information.


Companies who require wider advertising can opt to advertise in several editions of Parent Pages Pocket Guides, and cover the same geographical area as regional family magazines.


For further advertising information or to arrange an online standard or multi-area ad please go to www.parentpages.co.uk then click on advertise. Standard and multi-area advertisers are guaranteed advertising space in this edition, subject to geographical and product relevance.


Kind Regards,


Wendy Blair

020 8325 2250

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It does sound as if its too good to be true - but then I am famous for my cynicism!


Would love to hear from anyone who has benefited from this offer...



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