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Still On Moderation..

Guest LornaW

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My LA is changing how it does moderation this year and we are no longer discussing individual children we are discussing evidence for the points!


Has any other LA worked like this? If so do you take evidence for all of CLL and CD so evidence for 45 points? Do any LAs just chose some points?


I'd be interested to hear as I still think the whole thing can becme cumbersome!

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I am going to a moderation meeting on the 7th march and we have just been asked to take 3 samples of writing with us, plus our copy of the profile, curriculum etc.


We have always looked at observations, video or written work and commented on which points that would be evidence for.



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Guest heleng

I'm going to a moderation meeting on the 12th March. I have been asked to take with me completed moderation sheets for 2 children in CCL, reading and CD.

We only use the children's initials and what we do is discuss what points they have achieved (on the profile) and how we can prove it. So obs sheet, examples of writing etc. Then we discuss the evidence provided to see if it does show achievements of those points, using a child as an example.

They have to have achieved points 1, 2, 3, and 4 and we have to show how we would evidence this.


Each year they pick two areas to work on, so not all points every year.

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