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Hi everyone


I am after some hints/tips and advice for job hunting please.


I am currently applying for as many jobs as possible but in six months have only had one job interview. I don't know where i am going wrong.


I am level 6 with 2 years experience. 1 1/2 years post qualifcation and i don't know if this is what puts employers off


A friend has helped me redo my CV, she has many years experience of searching through CV's so it is spot on now.


My last interview i got some good feedback and the basically said it was my policies that had let me down. I have read and understood the policies at my current setting of my own back and now them inside out. I have then used these to form the bases of my understanding to help my answer questions during interviews but they obviously aren't what they are looking for.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I search the jobcentreplus, local council sites, 5 in total and the local job paper

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Welcome what sort of jobs are you applying for? With you saying you are level 6 what qualifications do you have? Maybe you are over qualified for the posts you are applying for, have you tried voluntary or bank work to get your face known in the area. I know i take most of my staff on from my bank and temp staff

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something will come up. i applied for loads of jobs when i left uni but i dont think my qualification or amount of experience was relevent to the type of jobs i was applying for.


i went for two nurserynurse positons a surestart worker and then finally unit leader.


the first two got some bad comments but then i was offered a unit leader position.


prob depends on what they ask on the day and also nerves etc


keep looking and research the roles you apply for


even with eyps i have been turned down for a job as they thought someone else on the day was more suitable!!!


good luck

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