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Guest MaryEMac

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Guest MaryEMac

We are looking at updating our enrolment forms and I wondered what everyone else put in theirs, apart from the usual name and address, allergies, emergency contacts etc. I know that Peggy has put a copy of hers in the resources section but my computer won't let me open it. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some ideas. Thank you in advance.



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So much on them these days in addition to basic info we also ask for following


in no particular order

name address tel of dr. and HV name/tel.

with allergies we ask for how the child reacts so we know what to look for.


name address and tel no of any other carers.- (separated parents, grandparents, childminders can all come in here)

Dietary needs

any other special needs

Undertaking from parent to inform us of any changes to info they have supplied (surprising how many of ours move and don't tell us!! and we only find out when child comments)

Permission for photos/ observations stating how they are used and for outings etc

Other setting?

previous setting

and brief info on child/family

Information we may find useful; about way of life/culture/religion (Ofsted suggested this as a good addition)

where they found out about us?

parental/preschool agreement, including things like telling us if they are away, timekeeping, behavior , any thing else we feel needs to be pointed out to them got one from here we use adapted to our setting.


Form from LEA asks for ethnic group so we code it on the form from there.

They also ask for copy of proof of identity and as we have to verify that we no longer ask for it ourselves, but we could put a copy of that in with our forms too.


its now 5 pages long and sure to keep growing



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