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I am a deputy in a pre-school,


I get 7.50 an hour,


I am under the impressional other nvq 3 workers at my setting are getting the same as me.


Do you staff get more money when they have more responsibility.


Thank you in advance :: :oxD for your advice on how to approach my manager. :(



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I am a deputy and my preschool, there are two of us.


At our setting the pay structure is




Senior assistants (NVQ 3)

Assistant (NVQ 2 or training)


I think you are right that your extra responsibility be rewarded. If you have to take over if the supervisor is absent do you get supervisors hourly rate?



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I would be interested to know if there are any other types of "pay scales" to encourage staff motivation, as we have been in a position in the past where a staff member gained a level 3 qualification, therefore giving her a small increase in wages. However, there was no increase in her input into practice. Staff with less qualification and on less money realised they were putting more into the job than she was, and this caused low moral.


We try to keep a list of over-the-top extras that staff take on, and reward them at Christmas with a bonus, but when you consider the bonuses range from £5 to £35 it doesn't seem much of an incentive.


We are considering increasing the wage of those who always come in early to set up, and stay late to clear away, rather than "per session" as again, other staff members turn up at the last minute and dash off as soon as they can (often due to childcare commitments, so I do understand this).


Also, those who take on extra co-ordinating responsibilities, eg equal ops co-ordinator, language & literacy co-ordinator, regardless of their qualification level.

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I like the reward scheme idea. We were told as we are a charity bonuses cannot be given!


Due to the fact that there are only 6 members of staff (all in everyday) everyone has an extra responsibility.


Supervisor - SENCO

Deputy (me) - planning co-ordinator

Deputy - behaviour and child protection

Senior Assistant 1 - Health and safety

Senior Assistant 2 - First aid co-ordinator

Assistant 1 - Equal Opps

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We have basically the same structrue as others but as we have 4 Deputies (dont ask, before my time!!) and only one of those helps me with the paperwork side of things, she is on a 'senior deputy rate' because it really annoyed me that the others got the same rate of pay but with no extra responsibilities.


I think settings will always have those that 'do' and those that 'dont'. I would love to be able to reward those that put in the extra mile (we have level 2's that do much more than level 3's) but we just dont have the money right now!


I look forward to seeing if any other settings have a 'reward scheme'.



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Im a manager qualified at level 4 and currently studying for BA Early Childhood Studies. I earn £3000 a year more than nursery nurses and £1500 more than deputy. other staff have no responsabilities or added roles. i am happy with this i have enough to live on and i love the place i work at.

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Our staffing is as follows


Deputy manager/Senco-is in charge when I am not there

Pre-school assistants-each one has an area of responsibility, such as keeping a check on resources and consumables, looking after the book area and changing books etc.


We did have a senior assistants role at one time. This person was qualified to level three and had been with me for some time. She also took on a little bit more responsibilty than the others.

My deputy is paid more than my assistants because of the role she has to take on in my absence.


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we are a charity and give equivalent of a bonus, but it gets classed as a weeks wage or part week ... given during a week we are usually closed. this varies depending on the commitment of each staff member and state of the funds, we all know that if funds are low we don't get it!!

we also changed our wages to hourly rate rather than per session, with a maximum number of hours we can work in a day... this allows for those who come in earlier to receive a bit more in their wages each month. May not be much but makes sure they realise everyone is aware of added commitment.



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I am a deputy, my owner/manager went away recently for 2 weeks. She didnt pay me anything extra when she returned. I have been at the nursery since i left school 23 years ago and am very dedicated. I have also learnt that one of the full time staff is now being paid more than me and they hold no senior position. :o


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Hi cazz and welcome to the forum. xD


Firstly a note of caution - you say you 'have heard' that this person is paid more than you, but this may not be the case. The grapevine has a great way of distorting things as they get passed along! Do you have regular staff reviews/pay reviews at your setting, as this would be the ideal platform for tackling the whole question of pay. However, I think it only fair that there is a proper pay structure in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, perhaps your manager hasn't realised! Or perhaps she has, but whilst you seem happy with your rate of pay, she is happy to let things ride. :o

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