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Hi everyone, hope you are all well!


I work in a mixed reception/Y1 and all my planning is year 1 units from QCA that reception do the same only with lower skills. (im an NQT and this is what I have been told to do from the previous teacher and head.)

In art this term we are doing the 'picture this' unit where the children use viewfinders, my reception children find this really boring and can't concentrate enough to complete the activities, which is fair enough as it is quite boring. Just wondering what others do for art in reception, im not very creative, but I really want my reception to produce some good work in art!

Any ideas welcome.



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Hi there,

I totally agree with suggestion of Belair Early Years - Art. I have been using it this year and the children have produced some exceptional work. Lots of early skills work, and the displays we have produced have been commented on by all the staff - this is VERY unusual for me as I am in no way arty. Good luck

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Was going to suggest Belair also but also as an art subject leader I would suggest at this level you teach the skills before you do anything else. Give them the experiences of different media- chalk, charcoal, pencil, paint etc and then go on to more complex things such as view finders.


Children need to explore the media they will be using before they use it to 'create'


I taught year 1/2 art last term and I used a scheme for drawing (which escapes me now) giving the children the opportunity to use the media before applying it, we started off using different pencils then charcoal and then moved on to making patterns large scale and covering it with Brusho, they looked so effective and the children were so proud of their work.


The number one thing with art I think is to let go and enjoy it!

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