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Hi All

I am looking for suggestions for places to take the nursery children on a trip (2-5 Years) we are looking at going the beginning of june and are located in Lincolnshire the furthest we have been with the children is Sheffield (about 1 1/2 hrs). Any recommendations for good places would be great.

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I think the place I am thinking of is called 'sundowners' which is near Lincoln.


When we have stayed at clumber park, we have been there and it is about an hour from clumber park heading towards Lincoln.


It is so lovely there, it is all made up of nursery rhymes with lots of play areas. It is spread out over a large(ish) area so you would need to have lots of eyes, ears and hands :o


I will try and google it and see if I can find it for you.

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I think it Sundown Adventure land (Used to be called Pets Corner) Rampton

It is really a fantastic place to take children, you really wont cover every thing in a day. sand pits, barrel rides, castles ect If you ring up to arrange a group booking they used to give a discount But when a busy time you need eyes in the back of your head !

What about Cleethorpes but you need the weather (you could call in on us! ) or Hubbards Hills in Louth?

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we have been to sundown for the past 3 years and its absolutely fantastic :o .

It is just a bit far for us and we dont get long enough in the park so this year we are going to Eureka in Halifax which is fantastic for young children.

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