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Bang, Crash, Oh Eck


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I was on my way home from working in a nursery in dewsbury, I decided to go a different way home.


I went on my way, throught the traffic with out too much problems. I was driving up a long road with other traffic when suddenly we heard a bang and the que of taffic stoped in front, I could not see what was going on but other drivers and some people in the houses run out to see what had happened.


The traffic slowy moved as they had turned around. Suddenly I could see a Land Rover on its side and passageners getting out. I somehow managed to get to the front of the que, suddenly a fire engine came flying up and stop oppiste me when a police car needed to get throught so I moved so they could get through. It was my turn to move forward when the police officer deiced to walk at the side of my car as another unmarked police car needed to come thorugh. I nearly ran over the police office but he applogised that he was is fault and the other car stopeped and let me through as there was no room to move anywhere.


I went on my way home but I haven't heard anything since, but I know everyone in the car managed to get out safely with a few injuries. They are very lucky as the car was a right off.




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Although I'm not particularly religious but events like this I often think, "there but for the grace of god, go I................".

Thankfully no-one hurt, but the shock can take a while to get over.



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Dewsbury is always chock a block on a t-time, luckily everyone got out.

As its near me , If I hear anything tomorrow ill put it on the web for you.



Thanks MARYS, it was on the Junction of A649 Halifax Road,/A643 Moorbottom Road/Highmoor Lane. It also happened around 4.30pm. So not quite near Dewsbury but nearer to Cleckheaton.




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Oh gosh, glad everyone was ok. I was in Dewsbury today, went to White Rose with my friend and stopped off to have a nosey in the Clarks outlet shop on the way back. We were on our way back to her house in Brighouse and thought I'd go via Mirfield as one of her kids loves fire engines and there are 2 stations to pass that way! I'd forgotten just how busy is can be through Ravensthorpe. It was 3.50pm and it was heaving with traffic.

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