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Eyfs Admissions Form


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Hey everyone,


Just in the process of reinventing our admissions form as some parts seem a bit confusing and to include the new requirements of the EYFS. Just wondering if anyone may have changed theres yet and are kind enough to show? Please!!!


Also does anyone know what this means


'the name and address of every parent and carer who is known to the provider'


Do people interpret this as we need the name and address of all people that may collect the child or just the parents???


Thanks all suggestions welcome



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I'm just guessing it may mean the name and address of both father and mother if they live apart and carer to maybe mean foster carer or other relative such as grandparents who have the child living permanently (or interim order) with them.



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we took it to mean same as Peggy, and added two boxes / areas asking for name and address / tel no of any other parents/carer... this is in addition to emergency contact names addressees tel no etc.... our registration form is getting longer and longer by adding bits and pieces... 5 pages and adding!!



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