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hi all

i am currently looking for any ideas for activities to do with SMELL.Iam the baby room o-1y leader and deputy manager of a day nursery

So as you well know babies put things in there mouths I have thought about sented cloths and sented cotton wool inside clear pop bottles with the lid glued on and holes in the sides

As you well know birth 2 3 matters is all about using eveyday equipment and goin back to basics but am stummped for ideas :( as the ones i have mentioned didnt really work :o

I would love some ideas thanks xD

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Maybe not relevant, but .....


I work with a severely ASD child (older than bt3, but developmentally in the range).


These are some of the things that work:


Scented creams .. hand cream, foot cream, body lotion .... use it. Lots of sensory stuff. Massage it in, rub it on hands, feel it and then smell it.


Scented, sensory activities .... look at playdough, even tinies can enjoy it, just the malleability (is that a real word?). Use lemon oil, peppermint oil, cocoa powder.


Exploring fruits (oranges, lemons, etc.). Let the child handle them, scrape them (e.g. with plastic knife), then cut them open: feel, smell, lick. Do it with vegetables too (e.g. onions, celery).


Scratch and sniff books - they are wonderful nowadays.


Also, play with baby wipes (especially in the hot weather ... they feel so nice and cooling), and they smell super too.


Sorry, maybe this is useless to you.



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Just to add to Diane's brill ideas, we use scented balls which we bought cheaply at a Poundshop, but I know one of the resource catalogues stock them.

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