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Finally! We Have Been Inspected


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We last had an inspection in May 2003 it was just a care inspection, the old style anually inspections we got "satisfactory" the inspector at the time said it could of been a good but is was little things had let us down (all easily rectified in a week), I was at the time disapointed but thought "never mind next year we'll do better..."



2004 came and went, no inspection

2005 I was sent letters asking loads of questions thought "any day now" but nothing!

2006 still nothing

2007 every setting in a hundred mile radius seemed to have had their inspection but still we heard nothing...

2008 finally..... one morning, as we opened the door huddled in amongst the mums..... there was OFSTED!!!!


I felt such a weight lift from my shoulders the moment she was introduced. I wanted to cry and give her a hug, I am the only person on this planet who has been looking forward to seeing Ofsted!?!?!?!



any way, now I am finally back to earth thought Id share how we got on


she had a great time playing with the children they were angels on the first day dragging the lady here there and everywhere playing cops and robbers then they sat the inspector down and got her to help them draw maps to find the robbers it seemed to flow so well.


then the second day she visited the childrn were good but we had two new children who where very clingy and one little darling had arrived in a bad mood, then during out door play a member of staff fell and badly hurt herself and I thought "oh no! it's all going wrong!" it was that typical scenario "the harder we tried to create a good impression the worse it got........"


well at feed back I braced myself for her to say it was satisfactory....... but she gave us a Good overall and I am so happy


she did compliment us on getting a good as it was our first combined care and education inspection. now I can work on getting an outstanding (eventually!)

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Many congratualtions - what a weight off your shoulders..now soem well-desreved chill-out time! I know a maintained nursery who have been waiting on tenterhooks to be inspected for some time and they are all nervous wrecks!

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Well done to you, I know it keeps you on your toes to wait, but it really is sooo stressful for practitioners, do they realise how much pressure they put on us, well done anyway you don't have to worry for a while. :oxD:(:(:(

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:o Well done Alison!! Was worth the wait!

I, too, had a long wait (arrived 2 days before 4th anniversary of last inspection!) and had a lovely inspector. The children so enjoyed chatting with "Ernie" (real name Bernie!) that they asked if she'd come back soon!! Bless them!

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Well done Alison, she must have felt your 'hugging vibes' :o


Hope the Good outcome helps with your staff members full recovery and that she wasn't hurt too much in her fall.



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Thank you all for your comments and yes my member of staff has recovered from her fall


I have found the stress of anticipating Ofsted was almost like having "writers block" for such a long time part of my brain was pre-occupied thinking "Ofsted's due, is everything ready?" now Ofsted have been I am able to think again of other things the ideas, themes and activities are flowing again, hurray!!!! :o


the first thing I asked her when it was all over....... when will Ofsted be coming again?

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