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I have to prepare a half hour of teaching with a mixed rec yr 1 class (on anything I want) and was thinking of basing it on the book Cloudlands. Has anyone got any ideas for activities? I was thinking with the focus on more play in year 1, to perhaps set up areas to act out living in the clouds- maybe shaving foam and small world people, I have a big blue net thing and a group could go in that and act out a cloud scene...


Hmm, there are 27 inc a child with cerebral palsy...


Any other ideas for activities or has anyone used this book before? Or indeed yr 1 objectives I can link it to?



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:D Shaving foam FANTASTIC we use this alot encourages communication, language, using new language ~ describing words, using hands for tactial, making markings ie words, letters, numbers, shapes, patterns etc discussions leading in all directions from what shaving foam is used for, skin , hair, body functions right to how the foam got into the can!!!!??? and what makes it come "exploding out" used by one of my 31/2 year olds!!!?? this actually lead us having a discussion what "exploding" means.......



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