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From my observations in a playschool session we have a child who we observed and want to take forward from the observation we have made but are not sure where to go with it. Any ideas would be gratefully received.


The observation was of the child threading, they spent a long time meticuously threading the beads onto a peice of thread. They then stood up and turned around on the spot watching the movement of the thread in the air, this went on for about 5minutes. They then put these down and went to the climbing frame where they used their hands to to hold on and suspend themselves in order to swing their body. It appears that the child was interested in the momentum and what their body could do.


This was quite an unusual observation to have made but is one that we want to persue, i look forward to any ideas you may have!

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It is an interesting observation isn't it!


The only things I could think of were maybe ribbons on sticks, parachutes but what else there must be some great ideas on the way.

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Very interesting, isn't it fascinating when you notice a pattern in a child's behaviour.


That was my first instinct, that this could be a schema, say trajectory, but I'm not an expert. I will try to post a link I have found very useful.


I would suggest recording your more observations to see if you can find further evidence of a link or pattern of behaviour.


The link contains a table which provides other possible play children involved in a particular schema might be interested in.


Here's the link.



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Hi BPP - what an interesting observation!


Could be a rotational schema - have you observed her winding a string around her finger (sorry - have assumed she was a girl. perhaps it was inbuilt bias because of bead threading :o ), or drawing/writing lots of circles etc, or spinning round like a top?


The ribbons on sticks are brilliant for all sorts of reasons - and for this child they would make a great opportunity for watching how materials move! Also music and movement sessions or creative dance sessions which are designed to enable more of this type of action would be good.


More observations are the key though - as are spotting any opportunities to talk to her about what she is doing and doing so without turning it into an inquisition. Otherwise you're likely to get that "what planet are you on?" look that children do so well! xD


I'd be interested to hear more about this child's progress!



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