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Becoming A 'charity'


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Some advice and information needed please.....the setting is a self-funding nursery run by a committee made up of governors from the school(local primary) we get no financial help from them at all....wages, rent, resources etc etc are paid for out of the money taken in fees.


I have been asked by the committee to think about changing to a 'charity' but unsure about how to go about this or even what it would mean for the nursery. Is anyone already a charity run setting? How do you go about getting this status?



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Have a look at the charity commission web site for info on how to etc,


Charity comission, Registering a charity.





we are a charity but it was set up ages ago when we opened. Lots of paperwork in specific formats to be done each year, with audits and returns done by the trustees.

All charities must have charitable aims that are for the public benefit.

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I was in the process of getting charity status for the p.t.a at my son school but we dont raise enough money, i have to do it through H.M.R.C. I have spoken to the people from the charity commision on the telephone and they were very helpful. Give them a call if you dont understand anything, the forms are very lengthy but its worth it.

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Hi there


a word of warning for you. As a charity each of the trustees will be personally liable as individuals for any money owed by the group - e.g. redundancy pay.


The alternative is to become a charitable company limited by guarantee, which limits the directors of the company to a nominal amount - usually around £1 in personal liability.


There are implications regarding annual reports, financial examinations, etc but should not be too onerous if your income is quite low. The charity commission will be able to give you plenty of guidance and there is loads of info on their website.


Charitable status does, quite rightly, have a level of accountability but you will be able to tap into all kinds of pots of funding with it.


Good luck.

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