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I am looking to purchase one of the Val Sabin Action Kids publications to use for help in planning P.E. for my Nursery classes. I know these have been recommended hightly on this forum and by other schools that I know.

I have looked on her website, and although there are sample sessions for Action Kids 500 and Action Kids 600, I'm still unsure what the difference is between the two. Action Kids 600 is almost three times the price, and would be quite a large proportion of our budget.


I'd like to know if anyone uses either of these publications (or both), which one you would recommend? What are the specific differences?



Jackie :o

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Hi I bought Action Kids 500 & have used it when teaching in Nursery & Reception. In the book in does say that the main focus is for Nursery. I am not sure about 600 as I have not seen it. Action kids 500 is a really handy book to have to delve in and out and shows progression in Dance, Gym etc. Hope that helps :o

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Hi Jackie

We use Action Kids 500 and it is very good. Lots of ideas to use, mix and match. I really like it.

I don't know about 600 as I have never seen it but you may just have enough with 500.


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Hello Jackie,


It's lovely to hear that the Action Kids material is proving to be so helpful. I think I can help explain the difference between 500 and 600.


The Action Kids 500 is a library of over 500 activities divided into the following sections - warm-ups, spatial awareness development, activities leading to... gymnastics, ...games, ...dance, ...parachute games, ...calm-downs. You select activities from the different areas to create your own session plans using the activities and the 58 pieces of music. All the activities are coded to simplify the planning process.


The Action Kids 600 includes all of the activities from the 500, plus lots more, but they have been carefully selected to form session plans which are part of a complete progressive and developmental scheme. There are 15 session plans for each of the following - spatial awareness development, activities leading to... gymnastics, ...games, ...dance, ...sound and music, ...parachute games. At the end of each session plan, there is a list of the benefits expressed in Early Learning Goals terms. This list will also enable you to emphasise a particular aspect of the ELG's or use it to form part of a topic. Two discs containing 78 pieces of music accompany the manual. Practitioners in the setting can photocopy their session plans and keep their own file which enables them to write comments on or change activities as they feel appropriate.


The two different forms of Action Kids have been written to satisfy the needs of those who:

a ) want to plan sessions from scratch using developmentally appropriate and stimulating material, and those who...

b ) like to work from a planned session within a progressive and developmental scheme and adapt as appropriate.


I hope this helps you with your selection. Good luck.


Val Sabin

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