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How Do You Enhance Provision For Able Children?


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We have several bright children who are not often motivated by our current provision. This includes a just three year old who can read almost anything and knows their numbers.


How would you enhance provision for these children to make it more open ended and encourage them to build on their knowledge.

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Hello miniman and a warm welcome to the forum and thanks for your interesting first post. :o


First I'd say well done for identifying the issue ( not a problem but an issue)


Trust in your own professional capabilities to meet the needs of all the children , advanced or otherwise in your setting. Is that a 'cop out'?

Acknowledge the skills that the children have and build on these, as appropriatte to their next stage of development, look to see what areas they are less forward in and support them in developing these, also let children stand still for a while and bask in their achievements, consolidate their skills in various contexts and give them appropriatte challenges that they will enjoy.


Rather an ambiguous response, I know, if you had a child with SEN you maybe would seek advice, given a child or children with high ability, you can also get advice from your EYAT to confirm, or support/give further advice on what you are already doing.



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Hi and welcome


Science is the answer, well sort of. In the setting I wrked in I had a few little boys who sound similar to the one you speak of and I did science experiments such as:


I read 'Mr. Archimedes' Bath' and then got pots and water and stones and we played at trying to make the water overflow


Pirates - we made boats out of plastic trays (the sort convenience food comes in) and called one captain blacks boat and one captain blues and then put cargo on (buttons, plastic blocks etc) to see which would sink in the water table first, f you can narrate it with a story of the captains rivalry to be the best and have the best ship then that makes it more interesting.


Whatever you do make your little friend make lots of predictions as to what the outcome might be, really get that brain of theirs working, problem solving and while you do something with this child you will be amazed how many others come and join in and learn at a level that suits them.


Hope this helps



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Thank you for your responses.

Just noticed from your post that you're in Basingstoke! I'm a Basingstoke girl (can I still say that when I'm approaching 45??), deposited in Maidenhead. Mind you, whenever I go into town these days I never see anyone I know...




PS: welcome to the Forum - you've found out how useful it is already!

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Anyone else interested in this? There is second bulletin following the one LWJ posted which can be found at:






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