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To make our outside area more weather proof, we need a new canopy. Currently we have a metal stucture with a plastic corrugated roof. It lets the rain in through the sides, so making activities such as painting, constuction etc difficult and ruins alot of the equipment. After a frost we get a high level of condensation that drips for half of the day!!

We have fundraised alot to improve our outside provision, so with the money left plus a very generous donation we are looking to deal with this canopy.

Can anyone recommend a canopy/company?

Is a wooden structure better or is it higher maintenence?

Are pull down sides worth having?

I have done a bit of research on the net but would love to hear a good recommendation before we part with the well earned cash!

Thanks in advance for any help or tips, Rach x

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We have a wooden canopy agian with a plastic roof and the rain comes in....

We just supply waterproof trousers and coats for the children.... and manily they have plastic toys out eg the guttering, plastic bricks.... don't tend to put much out when it rains.



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Guest MaryEMac

Timberline do some Gazovas.A 6x6 on it's own though is £4111. The side panels are £265 each and you need at least 6, so it is expensive but they look really sturdy. You can find them at www.timberline.co.uk.



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Our latest quote for a permanent attached roof structure with removable side panelling is a whopping

£12,000!!!!!!!! :o

WOW! Got no where near that much. We had Timberlines brochure they do look very nice, but the powers that be were worried about maintenance. It did say every 3 yrs you would need to treat it, but to me thats not too bad.

Thanks again for your help, i keep you posted what happens!

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