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I Hear Thunder


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Does anyone know the second (or more) verse to I hear Thunder.


We can't remember it, we think it starts something like


'grey clouds are forming'


Does anyone also have any other weather songs we could use. :o

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(Sung to Row, row, row your boat)


Snowflakes falling down

Floating to the ground,

Sliding, gliding gently dance,

You fall without a sound.



(No tune to go with this one I'm afraid - usually make one up)


With a drip, drip, drip

and a drop, drop, drop,

See the rain on the pane

will it stop, stop, stop.


With a wink, wink, wink,

and a blink, blink, blink,

Will we see the sun again,

do you think, think, think.


Hope these are useful.


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Rain rain go away

come again another day

Rain rain go away

because we want to go out to play

Wag your finger at the rain the children love it!!


Our favourite poem at the mo is


I made myself a snowball (roll ball)

just as perfect as could be (shape round)

i thought id keep it as a pet (hold it to your chest and stroke it)

and let it sleep with me (folded hands at side of head)

I made it some pyjamas (fiddle with fingers)

and a pillow for its head (sleep on pillow)

Then last night,it ran away (Be quite indignant here,fingers running)

but first it WET my bed. (raise voice and put hands on hips)

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And our version is......


I see blue skies, I see blue skies

Peeking through, Peeking through,

Hurry up the sunshine, hurry up the sunshine

I'm soon dry, so are you.


(we peek through our hands at appropriate line, )


it always amazes me how many versions of one song you can have, similar but changing occasional words. Having moved around a bit and learnt so many variations of some songs I find it difficult to remember which one is current!



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At the start of our sessions, during circle time, we used to sing this, adding the approriate word/words:


To the tune of Hickory Dickory Dock


What is the weather today?

What is the weather today?


It's ............. today, it's .................today

That is the weather today.


Be warned, its' a catchy little number that you might find yourself singing at weekends in the company of adults! :o

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