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Hi I thought a great resource for outdoors would be weather boxes to just grab and go!!!! Would anyone be willing to share contents and activities?? I have some ideas but i am sure that you lovely people have lots more :o Thanks x

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A Windy day box.

• paper fish game

• straws and paint

• scarves

• lengths of fabric

• pots, pans and foil trays

• streamers/ribbons

• balloons and variety of fillings

• mobiles

• wind chimes

• kite making equipment

• bubbles

• measuring equipment

• weather vane

• paper planes

• windsocks

• frisbees

• airflow balls

• variety of hats

• chalk

• blow football

• tent for camping role-play

• boat/ship with sails/hot air balloon for role


• windbreak/equipment for making shelters

• mirrors

• digital camera for recording leaves


• tape recorder to record wind

• video/ camcorder to record wind

• Parachute

• umbrellas

• flags

• water and sail boats

• washing line

• windmills

• sound makers/tubes etc.

• natural resources- dandelion heads,

sycamore seeds

Some resources and ideas to

get you started

• mini Fans

• Feathers



• ‘The Windy Day’

• ‘Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line’

• ‘The Lonely Scarecrow’

• ‘Mr Wolf’s week’



A Rainy Day Box


• access to water outside

• sponges

• rubber glove with holes

• objects to float

• funnels

• waterwheels

• shower curtain

• ground sheet

• containers of various sizes/shapes/materials

to catch rain- different sounds made

• torches and cymbals etc. to simulate thunder

and lightening



A Foggy day box


• bike lights

• torches/glow sticks

• high visibility clothing

• reflective strips

• cameras

• chiffon, organza.net fabrics

• tracing paper

• white tissue paper

• sound- instruments, fog horns, tubing, flexible

hose and horn blowing.

• cones/tubes- Horn blowing

• mirrors to collect droplets

• light house

• cans for telephone

• binoculars.

• quoits trail, ropes.


A Sunny day box


• sunhat

• sunglasses

• empty sun cream bottle

• picnic basket

• barbeque

• blanket/material-different sizes, dressing up


• umbrellas/fans

• pop up tent

• coloured cellophane

• pegs and string

• ribbons, CDs, mirrors

• watering can/ water spray bottle.

• soft toys / puppets

• tea set and plastic food.

• buckets/ builders tray

• paddling pool

• kite, carrier bag, camera

• making picnic food/drink

• books, postcards, holiday brochures

• chalk.

Possible role-play areas

• travel agents

• airport

• caravan and camping

• garden centre

• boat

• café.



A Snowy day box


• snow man kit - hat, scarf etc.

• waterproof trousers – for children

• wadding- large piece - 2m x 3m- for

making igloos, ground sheets for

igloos, blankets

• buckets, spades, brushes

• ice cream tubs for making ice blocks

• wellies with different treads for pattern


• trays to use as sledges for toys

• real sledges for children

• christmas trees tree decoration - snow

flakes, glittery materials, ‘lametta’

• cotton wool

• music tape/story tape of ‘The Snowman’

• food dye

• salt to sprinkle on ice

• powdery substances- salt, flour, small

pieces of paper and dredgers

• small world figures eg. penguins, polar

bears, people etc to use out side in the

tuff stop with real snow

• large white pompoms (pretend snow

balls) and a target to throw them at

• sugar and sugar cubes to use as snow

with small world figures

• balloons to make ice balloons.

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We bought a large metal garage for outdoor storage and if TESCO are missing any boxes it's because they are stacked along the sides of our garage :o (wheeled vehicles are parked in the centre). It means the children have easy access to outdoor continuous provision and saves the adult having to set up activities every session.

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