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Posters For Illness In Nurseries


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Hi everyone,


I was just wondering how to get hold of a new poster outlining action to be taken when a child has a particular illness chickenpox, scabies etc


Ours is looking a little worse for wear.


Also i am sure i have read that children should now be kept away for 48 hours when having suffered from sickness not just following the latest bugs but as a standard form of practice now.





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Thanks for your prompt responses. The link is great i would still like to order the A3 laminated poster if i can find out where from.


Hali, i know what you mean about parents disgust hee hee we do have a problem when children blatently tell us they "were sick in their bed last night" in front of their parent nd you can tell by the response on their parents face that its true, BUT the parent will say ooh they mean a few weeks ago they are fine.


How are we supposed to deal with this mmm

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we have a chart from the NHS i think my early years support team get this for our area. It is updated each year. Ours is on the notice board and parents use it lots but do not take much notice of the exclusion time!!!!

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If you go to this link





you can download a poster for your setting or order it from here




Hard copies of this poster are available free from: Prolog on telephone number 08701 555 455 or email hpa@prolog.uk.com. Quoting item number 50367.



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