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What Is Your Kitchen Like?

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We are looking to buy a new kitchen for our home corner.

What kitchen do you have and how has it lasted?


I like the look of the mobile corner unit that is the catologues, but am also looking at the units that have fully hinged doors in the hope they stay attached?


What do you recommend.


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So much choice isnt there?

I think the one I was involved in buying came from NES. It was about 7 years ago and it still looks good, doors still attached, solid. We bought four units so the area could be changed around, and also for easier storage but they were expensive £100-£150 each.

Measure your area first, I go to settings where the units are bigger than the area!! And watch the height, no good having something small people cant reach the top of. :o

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I bought a Little Tykes Country Kitchen 7 years ago and am amazed that it has stood the test of time. We have to set up every day so it has even coped with that! :o

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We bought ours direct from John Crane Ltd, and got them at half price by doing so.We had to assemble them ourselves, but this was very easy, using an allen key. There was free delivery if we spent over £100, I think this has now gone up to £200..................which is easy to do n their catalogue!! The items have been in daily use for almost 4years and are in excellent shape, even though we pack them away sometimes.However, if the budget had allowed, I would definately have bought Community Playthings items...................i have some of their stuff which is at least 30 years old and still in beautiful condition, and think of how many little hands have used them over those years!!

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