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Our fruit basket today had some 'fair trade' bananas which started a discussion amongst the children about the sticker that was on there....to the staff's amazement one little girl said they were 'fair trade bananas from a hot place'. This then made the other children investigate the entire basket to see if any other stickers looked the same.


As we are child led....thought it would be quite a good item to work on and enhance their learning about other countries and foods etc.

Just done a google and came up with some lovely pictures of other 'fair trade foods' and logo to make a display. My deputy and I have come up with quite a few ideas so I'm wondering if anyone else has covered this or had any suggestions as to how they would....


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We decided to place some unusual fruit and veg on the snack table to inspire curiousity and conversation in the children.

During the ofsted visit we had a 'dragon' fruit which the children were fascinated by. They felt it, smelt it and finally asked if they could taste it. We had information about where it had come from and even had a map of the world on which we traced the fruit's journey all the way to Tesco.

We all tasted it including the inspector and she mentioned this unplanned learning in her report.

Since then we have supplied all sorts of stuff for the table to get them talking including shells and coral which a parent brought back from Australia.

This brilliant idea, I must acknowledge, came from this site. Many, many thanks.

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I must acknowledge, came from this site. Many, many thanks.


I think that was me and I'm so glad it works so well for you.I've done it for many years and its been mentioned in our reports too-the first time was when we had a 'tri-annual re-view' which is what inpections were way way way before OFSTED.


Never seen a dragon fruit so will look into it.I like the fair trade idea and the dragon fruit sounds good to do with Handa or Chinese new year!.We've just started Jolly Phonics with this years intake and linking our snacks to phonemes until they get off the ground with it so I'll have a look at that those unsual fair trade fruits.

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