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I have been lucky enough to get a small budget to buy some extra small items for our 0-2's room. We have £300.


What I would like to know is which items you cannot live with out in your setting?


I have had a look in the TTS catalogue, is there anywhere you would recommend looking?


Thanks for your help


Candy :o

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All I'd like to suggest is NO to plastic and as much natural resources as possible starting with a beautiful, sturdy wicker basket. :o


ooh, lots of hardwearing rugs for floor play, soft play equipment for developing mobility/balance etc.



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I agree with Peggy - and look for resources where there is no chance of "failure" and babies/children can explore lots of open ended possibilities with the resources and develop their problem solving skills. There are loads of commercial resources out there which are really very limited in terms of what the children can do with them and as a result they quickly get bored and want to move onto something else. Try looking for resources with more scope, where the children can decide what to do with them. Try and get hold of some reading about Heuristic Play if you haven't already - it might spark off some ideas for resources....

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