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Our topic at the moment is snow and ice- I have built an igloo in my class, so very happy. I am also looking at polar bears with the kids- hence being able to help with the request for polar bear resources.

BUT, can I find much on penguins? NO, so I thought to myself-

'I know my friends on the forum will be able to help me..'

over to you guys- know any sites that can tell us about penguins aimed at 4 year olds?

Thank you

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Here are my penguin documents to go with the polar bears ones you are already using.

10 penguin chicks with flashcards for counting or song props and an action song when the children are the penguins.Usual format-we choose 5 children to wandle round then one slips and falls.The 'audience' love to shout whoops! Sometimes we are all penguins and wandle all around the nursery (but I'm glad I'm not being observed :o by other adults)


Yesterday in our tuff spot we had ice cubes, shaving foam and appropriate animals.I laminated shapes in blue and silver to be ice flow and water-great fun! .

I also do this small world with blue and white fabric instead and have a selection of cake boards in different shapes.Some have pictures of the animals on in sets for educational tidying up!!!


While this was happening I had 'March of the penguins' playing on the Interactive white board.I was going to have it on mute just for the images but opted for very low sound.

Cushions on the carpet area wrapped in pieces of white fabric with a selection of fiction/non fiction books and some soft toy polar bears/whales/penguins.

We've got an igloo in the role play (covered climbing frame) with pieces of silver card on the floor for ice.Today they are extending it with blue card pieces with numbered fish (downloaded from sparkle box) with paperclips on so they can do some 'fishing' with rods.

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I think I can remember the penguin counting rhyme someone kindly posted a while ago. Here goes:


5 little penguins (children love volunteering for this!)

sitting on an iceberg (make shuddering movements)

far far a way (hand over eyebrows, searching)

in the stormy sea. (sway from side to side)

If 1 little penguin (child falls to floor)

fell into the water

how many penguins

would there be?




Hmm, think that's right!

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Thank you for this- Marion you are amazing- a font of all knowledge.

How do you access U tube- I have tried to watch some video at school but it is blocked. Can u save a video in some other way to allow viewing?

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