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Can anyone tell me how long before the course starts you get information about the tutorials?? Getting a bit excited as aswell as a bit apprehensive as I beginning to worry about the time factor!!!

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Hi Mrs B


You will be notified by the OU both in writing and via your student homepage in relation to your tutor and tutorial details.


My course is due to start on January 26th and yesterday my hompage was updated with details of my tutor - it does not yet say when or where the tutorials will be held.


From the title of your thread I guess you are studying both courses together? with regard to the time factor the best advice I can give is to 'manage your time' in a way that works best for you and fits in with your family/work/social life.


You will get a study calendar for each course and I highly recommend sticking to it as closely as you can and if possible getting slightly ahead of studying the topics/activities. This allows for the unforseen situation arising elswhere which can then be 'dealt with' without affecting your study too much :-)


From memory when I did E123/124 the first tutorials were held shortly after the course start date to enable students to meet the tutor and others in their group.


Hope this helps:-)

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My OU page has been updated and have been given the names of my 2 tutors...no dates or venues for tutorials yet though.

A friend of mine who has just finished E123 had her tutorials at the local college so I'm hoping my will be there.


Anyone who has already attended the tutorials......did you find them helpful???

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