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Hi there does anyone have any used mtps for this topic, have read the last post but just wondered if anyone has any planning to share to start me off??? I know the usual e.g. invite the firefighters etc but stuck on some good and different ideas for Creative dev and KUW. thought about some lovely large scale collage work as it is only a short topic????? thanks guys, will post when have something to share.....dont like to plan too far in advance but am due ofsted so would be nice to get some different ideas


thanks :o

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Hi lotte,

I did Superheroes as a one week topic for the first time last year when ofsted were in my school and it went down so well that I did it again this year with a few alterations. Off the top of my head some of the activities we did were:

  • A Spiderman dance (to mission impossible themetune);
    Went on a treasure hunt (following clues that I had prepared and hidden) to find a superhero cape and laser (CLL - print carries meaning);
    Making our own superhero laser (creative);
    Talking about if we had special powers what we would like these to be (PSE);
    Making a telephone directory of Superhero telephone numbers so we can contact them (PSRN - recognise and write numerals to 9)
    Superheros was featured as a topic in Nursery Ed in April 2006 - there is a really good poster on the scholastic site which you could put up on your interactive whiteboard but you have to be a subscriber to the magazine to be able to view it.


I have attached my dance plan for the spiderman dance if it is any use for you.



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