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Any Help Much Appreciated Ed 3205 Ba In Ed


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Hello, Am currently starting my second semester at uni. Unfortunately I failed my first module.


The module content is nature of professions, teacher autonomy and accountability, unions, interest groups and professionality. The 20th century polictical and social context, including the emergence of managerialism, gender and the professional rle, ie teachers, self constructions.



The module is in two parts the first part is a study of any aspect of the history of the debate over teacher professionalism. The second being a crtitical discussion of concepts of professionalism in the context of a specific sector.


I currently work in a FUnit, so for the second one am going to concentrate on the teacher who is the foundation co-ordinator and how her role has changed since becoming a FU.



Any ideas would be gratefully received, am feeling extremely stressed out at the moment.


I know it all sounds rather heavy, for the first assisgnment I tended to loose the objective and went off in a tangent, I did try and focus on the national curriculum but kept on waffling on about other issues.



Thankyou clarap.

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Hi clarap


Have I welcomed you to the forum before - if not welcome!


It does sound pretty full on - I'm so sorry you've had difficulties so far. I'm not best placed to help you I'm afraid - but I do know what it feels like to be unable to see the wood for the trees!


I'm sure someone knowledgeable will come along and offer some good suggestions!


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Hi Clarap,


I'm currently in my third year of a BA (Hons) in early childhood studies and am just finishing a unit called Improving early years professionalism.


For that we had to concentrate on how we are becoming an agent of change in personal, professional and political sense, we used the Johari window model (which looks at communication), extracts from our reflective journal, carried out an interview with an early eyars professional of our choice and looked at issues surrounding research- reliability etc.


Hope that gives you some useful ideas, but depends on learning outcomes and what your institution likes to focus on!


Essc x :o

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