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now if i didnt do topic's - say i did an obseavtion on child A and it come back that child A enjoyed singing along to childs CD's and sings nursy rhymas when playing etc. but when we do circile time or singing in a gorup it gets all shy and wont singing even tho the child A knows the songs - So for the next step we would try to incurrage the child to sing in big goups and when doing cicrle time, now this activity will benfit most of the other chidren aswell.


Now say if i child B went to the aiport at the weekend to take daddy to the airprot as he was going away. And when he came back ot my setting on the monday he couldnt stop talking about it etc etc - could you then plan do about aiports and airplans for the next 1 or 2 weeks would that still class as planning around the children and what there are istreated in?


Now say if i obsaved child C on thruday and it came back that she needs help with theading and on firday i get an threading actctivy ready if other children wonted to join in with the threading acticity i would could that then be put on an my adult led activity sheet , but if know of the other children wonted to do that activity could i still put it on my adult led activity sheet?


So what im trying to say when i do an obseavtion on a child and i do the next step with the child i can aslo do the actctivty what i plan with the rest of the children aswell? Im a childminder and i have 6 boys who come on diffrent days etc . So should i plan to do an actctivty to support 3 children one week and the other 3 the other week


Now if i stop doing topic's would you still need to do long and midum trem plan i mean the only thing you can plan for is which weeks each child will have an actcity to support them really


I like the idea of not doing topic's as now i mgeting stuck on what topic's to do and trying not to do the same actitivys for chistrmas, easter etc each year


From monday i will still be doing topic's but im going to conuisantrate more on doing obseavtion on the childre nand seeing what there need help in etc which i have been doing but im going to conuisantrate more on this and less on doing the topic's



This is my adult led and child ed activity sheets

what you think?



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Guest EllieF


I think you are doing really well at trying to piece together the muddle that so many of us childminders finds ourselves in - well done!!

Can I ask you what you are creating these forms for? Is it for observation purposes?

Could you just have one box for all the 6 areas to make it easier, as you will not always be concentrating on all 6 areas all the time? Probably the area that you know is an area the child needs support or further opportunities to extend their development?

Having 6 boxes puts pressurte on you to put something in them all - extra work that may not be neccessary?

It might be helpful to add a "What next?" box for you to think about what you have observed and how you can help the child extend their learning.

If its an adult led activity that you are planning, and you want to have some planning paperwork to prove your planning, that could be covered in your "what next?" box (or whatever you decide to call it) on the childs individual observation sheet, which is what your child activity sheet appears to be. Perhaps the what next box could be called future planning instead?

This would mean less paperwork, and more individual to each child.

When you plan for one child, the others often join in, and that is child led. When you pobserve the children, you may see something that one of the other children is doing which leads onto you planing for that child e.g. they act out stamping passports, so you leave out the stampers and stamp pads the following day that that child is in. Do they have good hand eye co-ordination? If they need support, perhaps you could leave out paper that has a large grid on it for them to stamp inside the grid, but they may choose the fold the paper along the lines or ignore it all together. I often scaffold the children, by playing alongside, and in this example I might stamp inside the grid, and count to myself while i do it, the children can pick up on what I am doing, and join in. I might ask who has the longest line of stamps? that could lead onto comparing..................... It just goes on,

I guess what i am saying is keep the paperwork simple and for a purpose. I.e. observations that help you plan.

I offer adult led activities often around seasons and celebrations, but these are often inspired by the children, e.g. talking about Christmas, or arriving with their parent and telling me its cold and they had to scrape the ice off the car.

Sorry I have really rattled on now, but I hope it helps


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Welcome to the Forum Ellie!


Hannah how many of your boys attend at the same time? Do you plan activities that last all week or change depending on who is present on each day?


I think doing away with topics can be very liberating, if not a little scary. However since you are planning for such small numbers you should be able to do it really flexibly in order to meet the needs of the children. It does sound as if you are very thorough in your planning and observation systems!


Something I saw in a Birth to Three unit which I was very impressed with was that they used to do their planning as they went along, so to speak. They'd have a chart on the wall and would fill in what the children did as the day developed. This served two purposes - it made the practitioners think about what was happening and what skills the children were developing and this was committed to paper quickly and easily. This was obviously great for future planning, as well as for determining short term planning for individual children. It was also easy to identify where children were leading their own play or took part in adult-led activities.


It also meant that one A3 chart could provide a visual representation of the children's learning and would avoid the need to have 6 pieces of paper :o


I'd agree with what Ellie said about keeping paperwork (and everything else come to that!) simple!


Good luck as you wrestle with your systems - it sounds as if you're having a thorough review!



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EllieF - the adult led activty sheet is for the next step i do one of them for each activity i plan to do with them i uplaod my obseavtion sheet for you



HappyMaz - nope there all dont come on the same days

  • 2 come every day - but attend pre-school in the moring
  • 1 have 2 twins boys what come wed and thur - there also attend a nuresy the other 3 days of the week
  • 1 comes mon and firday - gouse to pre-school on days he dosent come to me
  • 1 comes tes and wed but gose to pre-school in the moring



well i be starting my new system on monday



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Guest EllieF

Hi Hannah,

I can see your thinking with the paperwork you use, and I used to do as much as you do, but have reduced down what i do, as i found that it was too time consuming, and also i began to not enjoy my childminding as it became onerous due to the paerwork.

I suggest you give it a go, and also give yourself a time scale to review what you are doing.

Go with the childrens interests, and observe and scaffold them, and let us know how it goes :-)


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