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Hi well i have made an indviadal proflie up for parents to fill in when there child starts our setting

what do you think this one is for the ages of 2 and half up to 4 years like the pre-school age


what do you think?



i will be haveing a diffrent one for the younger ones/babies


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Hi Hannah

Looks good to me. Don't want to be critical but I did have a bit of a problem reading the font but maybe that's just me!


I wonder whether for the brother/sister question some parents may literally write: 'I have one brother and two sisters' ?? without giving ages to enable you to ascertain the child's 'position' in the family.


I think you may have 'scarp' books instead of scrap and a bit of a typo about the other settings: I have copied and pasted the relevant part:


(If your child is going to be attending pre-school or attending a another settings)


Really hope this doesn't come across as criticism! it's not meant to honestly it's not :o

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Should it read Please give details. Not People give details ?

Also I wouldent put, so we can see where your child is at.

I would put , to assess your childs progress

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thanks for all the feedback - yes my spelling not the best will sort all that befre i pirnt it out


Andreamay - i have bit for if there have been to another setting before comeing to mine

and a bit for if there going to be going to a pre-school aswell as coming to me as im a childminder

i also look after twins who come to me 2 days and a nuresy 2 days thats why i have it like that



is that all the inforimation i need on it then? its the first time i hsve done one of these

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must agree about the font and use of capitals... hence the reading of 'Drowning' as a I like activity!


I had problems reading it so would question if a parent with English as a second language or reading difficulties, dyslexia etc would find it extremely difficult.


Better to use a simple font in a good size , with an offer to go though it with them when they are given it if needed.


Also you may like to add a question about if there is anything about their way of life , culture or religion they feel you may find useful. unless directly asked some parents do not even think about adding this and it can be very useful.

Any special phrases or words the child uses? ( had some very inventive ones for using the toilet, as well as the ones in other languages we could find useful)


The list can be endless though



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Agree with others re: font etc, but this can be sorted later once you are happy with the content, it's so difficult trying to organise layour whilst thinking about the actual questions too.

I would maybe add a question about how the parent would like the settling in process managed, ie: Is the child happy when left with relatives etc. Maybe a question about any fears the child may have ie: Animals, clowns, balloons etc. Does the child enjoy books, what is his/her favourite story at the moment, and favourite comfort toy?.

Maybe a question about how the parent disciplines their child. These questions depend on how you present yur policies to new parents and if these issues can be discussed then.

I used to ask on my form if the child/family is using the services of any other agencies such as Speech Therapy, Social Servises, Portage etc.


My only other comment would be to try to reduce the length of the questionairre, ie: have a few questions with yes/no boxes to tick and then a space for additional comments.


I would also consider that if the child attends another setting etc, ask for contact name/ info of childs keyworker as the new EYFS will require liason between settings as of Sept 2008. ( I think)


I agree with Rosina about the scrap book ( could it be called an achievement file?) ...to assess childs progress.


Well done on your first draft. :o



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The other piece of information that I always ask for is what name they would like their child to be known as. I have lots of children who have EAL and their formal names often bare no resemblence to the name they are known as.


Often, I have spent ages making name cards, peg labels, registers, etc, and they need all need changing when the child arrives because they use a different name than is on their admission form.


Also children are often familiar with being called by their pet name, eg Joseph could be Joe, Elizabeth could be Lizzie or Beth. It's a good idea to ask parents what name their child responds to.

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I dont have any problems with the font, it is clear and easy to read although not one I would personally choose but dont think if your computer supports that which it obviously does, Hannah that you need to worry about that.


Its a clear, concise questionnaire and although you may want to take on board some of the other suggestions, it could be a good place to start. I wouldn't bombard the parents with too many questions, especially if they are not relevant to you. Language issues can always be addressed on a personal level if needed, for example. As a childminder, you are not dealing with a huge number of children at any one time, are you?

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Thankyou for all your comments there will be helpfull thanks


when you are on about the childrens name like we have a thomas but he gets called tom but we also have another little boy called thomas but we have a place for that on the NCMA childmindering contracts it first ask for the childs full name and then for the childs prefferad name. and i never do any name tags untill i know fro mthe parets how there spell there names etc

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