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Eyfs Training For Ks1/2 Teacher


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I am working a maternity cover in an FS unit, having done a PGCE for KS1 and KS2 and worked with years 1-5 in the past. I am having the best time of my life and would love to stay with this age group. I am concerned that the start of EYFS will work against me and was wondering if there are any courses I could do to demonstrate my commitment to this age group? Or will experience and LA courses be enough?


Thanks for your time.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I would imagine LA courses will be fine as this is all most EYFS practitioners will receive. Early Excellence are running some courses which are really worthwhile (but pricey if funding yourself) Good Luck

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Welcome to the Forum leapyearbaby64!


Actually this is a great time to be coming into working in early years - its not just you who needs to update/acquire new skills - everyone of us will be in need of training and there should be lots available from your local authority. You have by far the best qualification for working in early years - you're having fun and you are committed to the age group.


Keep reading as much as you can about the EYFS in magazines (and on here!) and make use of the CD that came in the EYFS pack to find out as much as possible about its philosophies and ethos. Keep asking about how your setting intends to manage the period leading up to September 2008 in terms of training and continual professional development and keep an eye open for training opportunities available from your local authority.


If you look in Nursery World there are probably lots of training courses available from external providers - however these are expensive and will probably involve travel and other expenses too. Whereas the training available locally will be free and tailored to your local authority's strategy for implementing the EYFS in your area - and its much easier to ask questions of people who know and understand the local childcare sector.


I have seen that CACHE are going to offer a Level 3 qualification in implementing the EYFS - perhaps there will be something similar which will be more appropriate to someone with your qualification. Again - your local authority would know.


Good luck - and I hope you continue to enjoy working in early years. There's nothing to beat it!



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