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Bit stuck on Part Three of the assignment. If anyone would have already completed this assignment or working on it at the moment can shed some light.


It is asking "to comment of the child's creative development or ability to play". Is is asking what the child has learnt and how his development has been enhanced as a result of these activities? Would be grateful for any help.

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when I did E123 tma 2 a couple of years ago I approached it in the following way

The observations showed that Suzy seemed to express and develop her creativity through imaginative role-play. In observation one, she is acting out a role-play scene. We could call this more accurately socio-dramatic play as explained in Study topic 4 (The Open University, 2004 b pg16).

She negotiates well with the children, letting them have their say in how the dog should be treated. When she goes and gets the dog in observation one, she is seen to wrap it in tissue as if to keep it warm. She is using her imagination to care for the dog. Suzy role-plays the maternal figure, caring for the dog that is in need of her help. As noted in study topic 7 (The Open University, 2004 c, p.13) showing creativity is important as it helps her to develop and progress further.


Hope this makes sense and helps..

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