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I am desparately looking for a Christmas poem to read out to the parents after our Nativity performance. I am wanting it to be light hearted and a bit funny rather than religious. It also needs to be suitable for children. I would be so grateful for any suggestions.

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Welcome from me. Just found this... A tiny bit of 'americanised vocabulary' but perhaps this could be adapted with due credit to the author? What a lovely idea to read a poem at the end of the performance. luluj



Recipe for Christmas All Year Long


Take a heap of child-like wonder

That opens up our eyes

To the unexpected gifts in life—

Each day a sweet surprise.


Mix in fond appreciation

For the people whom we know;

Like festive Christmas candles,

Each one has a special glow.


Add some giggles and some laughter,

A dash of Christmas food,

(Amazing how a piece of pie

Improves our attitude!)


Stir it all with human kindness;

Wrap it up in love and peace,

Decorate with optimism, and

Our joy will never cease.


If we use this healthy recipe,

We know we will remember

To be in the Christmas spirit,

Even when it's not December.


Joanna Fuchs



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I have used this for years and cannot remember where it came from


Mary had a baby

One night in Bethlehem

Three wise men came to see her,

Bringing gifts with them.

They made a special journey,

Star led from distant lands,

But first to visit Mary

Were the men with gentle hands.

God sent three quiet shepherds

Before he sent the kings,

For they are used to handling

Little, newborn things.

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Thank you so much luluj and lynh for your speedy replies. I especially love the recipe for Christmas and will definitely use it tomorrow. The words will work really well.

Thanks again for all of your help.

LAB xD:(:o

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I found this among my daughter's school stuff stashed under the bed (making room for pressies!!)


No idea who wrote it but it did make me laugh. Tried googling it to find the author to no avail.



I keep my snowman in the freezer

Just behind the pies

He likes it there, he told me so

I can see it in his eyes.


I made him on a cold, cold morning

When the snow was fresh and deep

Now he sits in the freezer

Near the fish that we got cheap.


I keep my snowman in the freezer

And look at him each day

If I'd left him in the garden

He'd simply have melted away


But now he's like my grandma

Living somewhere safe and nice

He's in a frosty, snowy palace

On a throne of coldest ice


I keep my snowman in the freezer

Near a lump of frozen beef

And I've got a treat for him in August,

I'm taking him to Tenerife!



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