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Last week we received our full Ofsted Report and I am now trying to figure out exactly what should go to the parents in printed form.

Previously, we used to run off the Summary Document and the full document was available on request, at a small charge.

Now there are no summaries am I obliged to give each family a copy of the full document? Its lengthy and therefore costly to produce.

What if I put a copy of the full document in a file with a circulation list and a note saying if you would like you own copy please let me know......

Would this fit the bill.

At the moment a copy is up on the wall for all to see as well.


All comments gratefully received!

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I think the general rule is that you do have to give a copy to anyone who requests one (not just parents),but you can charge for the cost of printing them out.I also put a copy of the whole document on my noticeboard in a polypocket,for anyone who is interested,to have a look.

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We've put a copy in the foyer and given parents a note of the web address where they can access their own copy.

Most homes have internet but we would obviously give a copy to those who don't.

Our report is 6 pages long but my hubby says that you could highlight the areas you want to print from the original document, copy it into a 'word document' and then you can format it anyway you want, perhaps using smaller print so it will print on less pages than originally.

Make sense??

Let me know if you try this and hope it works.


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we were told by our LEA and Ofsted that we MUST give a full copy of report to all parents who had children at the setting at the time of the inspection free of charge and that we have to give a copy to anyone else that requests it BUT we can charge for producing those copies.


Ours was in July and we HAD to give copies to all parents even those whose childen only had 3 days left with us!


Putting one out or giving parents part then to asking to see full copy was not an option.


The cost of copying is down to the setting.



If in doubt ring and ask for clarification.



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Thanks Inge. Just from the few replies above its easy to see there is confusion! When I posted the enquiry I also e-mailed my development office for advice. I will also email ofsted. Keep you posted!

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Like Inge we have been told that each family must have a copy. But what I did was ask parents if they would like it in paper form or by email. If they wanted it by email I asked them to email me back letting me know they had received it, printed their replies onto a piece of paper and that was my evidence that parents had received a copy.


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