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Dear Colleagues,


I wonder if someone out there is a step ahead of me. I am a newly appointed Head of Foundation in a special scholl (Autistic; PMLD, Complex needs) working in Birmingham, and have been studying the new EYFS closely, and need some clarification regarding Assessment.


Page 13 (2.11) of the document suggests a range of assessment tools. Has anyone used any of the suggested tools. Are any schools already using The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) or eProfile?


Any suggestions will be appreciated.




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Is this the part you mean?


"The EYFS Profile scales booklet is available for practitioners to use to help them assess children’s development. However, you can use your own records to compile a Profile for each child, as long as your approach is consistent with the early learning goals. You can use your professional judgement to decide how much record keeping is necessary to support your assessments.

However, you must undertake the EYFS Profile for all children of an appropriate age and assess them through observational assessment against the 13 scales and report 13 scores for each child."


http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/teachingandle...nts/Assessment/ has more information

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Hi Chali, if I've not said welcome yet, then welcome and congratulations on your new job.

You will find all schools in Birmingham are using the eprofile, most from the start of the reception year, some just for the final results at the end which have to be sent off to the LA.

I cant say much about the CAF process yet, I'm still to have my lead practitioner training, but I'm sure there will be others along who have more experience.

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