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Hi all, am doing hand calendars for christmas and want ot put on a poem about hand and heart. I always seem to do the one about sticky fingers but I know there is another one about here's my hand to help you and here's my heart but can't remember what it is exactly. Can anyone help please!!!!!


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this is a lovely one.


I miss you when we're not together

I'm growing up so fast

See how big I've gotten

Since you saw me last?

As I grow, I'll change a lot,

The years will fly right by.

You'll wonder how I grew so quick

When and where and why?

So look upon these handprint

That's hanging on your wall.

And memories will come back of me,

When I was very small.

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Thanks for these lovely poems. Have used them on some handprint calendars - one the parent a child lives with, and the other for the one he doesn't see so often - just perfect!


Have just finished laminating them for Thursday - now I'm off to bed!



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