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Birmingham - Progress Towards The Profile Assessments


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Hi - is there anybody out there from Birmingham who has undertaken their autumn term assessments for the new Progress Towards The Profile????

I need a bit of clarification if so!!!!!!!

My question is - when i am entering my judgements (highlighting on the A$ sheet that was provided with the materials) (Not recieved an electronic version yet??), if i judge that a child has achieved say a 1 and an a/d scale - do i hioghlight all of these for the autumn term ????


Sorry if this seems like a bit of a stupid question but before i go & mess it all up i just need some reassurance that my understanding is right!! (God am i ready for a break!!!!)

Thanks in anticipation for anybody who comes along and puts my mangled brain to rest!! :o

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Yes there's the odd one or two of us fluffy. is this the nursery profile you are referring to? I've not yet seen all of it yet, just the pilot fro last year so I'm not sure how different it is, but Id say only highlight as far as they have achieved so if its to 1a, then you just highlight that bit for the autumn term.

But Im guessing, Ill see if I can get a look today at work (no longer in school) if anyone else doesn't respond in the meantime

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Anybody from Birmingham out there????? :o



Hi Fluffy,


You certainly not alone out there. I am from Birmingham, and actually going to spend some time over the holidays looking at 'Porgress towards The Profile'.


Have now got the programme installed by my IT specialist onto my laptop. Will let you know how I get on in the new year.


Merry xmas and all the best in 2008 xD


Chali Bear!


P.S. I am in a special school.

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