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Advice/info Needed On Fs Units!


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Hi ya


I'm new to this forum and trying to find my way around still!


I was wondering if anyone could spare me a little time to share their experiences in running a unit - i have an interview tomorrow for a nursery teachers job which may also include some reception children. I have worked in both year groups but have never worked or set up a unit! Would be interested in finding out what are main issues you face with planning, how you cover lit and num strategies with rec children in the group and what works well!


Thank you for any help!


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Hi there kavmar, welcome on board and thanks for making your first posts.


Just in case you havent found the discussion on foundation units yet, you will find it




Hope the interview goes well, Im sure they wont be expecting you to have all the answers, and maybe someone else will be taking the lead in the setting up of the unit. Be enthusiastic , and they will see you for the strengths you could bring to the post.


Any other questions in the meantime, fire away.


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HI Kavmar,

I've only just found this so it may be too late for you but don't forget you only have to offer elements of literacy & numeracy hr in Reception until the summer term and in many schools even that seems to becoming less formalised. The Ofsted report this week has impmlications that should keep yr1 at least more child friendly and play based. :D


The primary strategy also allows much more flexibility.


I would think, depending on children numbers and staffing, ypu would want to offer some teaching focus time in age groups to extend the reception children etc.


Good luck. let us know how it goes. :o

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Thanks for the replies!


I was offered the job and have accepted - I'm not 100% sure what the situation is but an Early years advisor is coming in to help too and there will be three teachers working on it!


Thanks again! :o

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