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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!


Not sure whether Ive hit the enter button so there might be half a post entered!


We have spent yet another morning talking and trying to implement planning we are really struggling with keeping motivated!


Can you help in answering the following?



How do you decide what ELGs and aspects you are covering to ensure equal coverage, and what period of time do you aim to cover these within?



Our main issue is how to implement from observations the individual childrens planning/learning/interets and next steps?


Can you explain your cycle starting from observing?


How many children do you observe and plan for in a week?


Are your workshop areas fully resourced or do you just put a few items in each week and rotate toys?


Do you link any areas of learning to your workshop areas, ie putting big blocks in construction area and say what you hope for the children to get out of playing with them or do they just play


Do children just play anymore!!!


Thanks guys x

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Hi Sharon,

The thing about planning is you have to do what suits you, your staff and the children. What goals you find realistic for the children to develop through the foundation curriculum. Everyone thinks they know the best way to plan but at the end of the day, be confident in what you try.

I can only explain how I implement the planning within our setting.

Long term - my long term plans are over an academic year as we only open term time. Using the foundation curriculum, I highlight ELG so they vary each term. Obviously some of these are ongoing such as Hygienic practices. Over the academic year, I will cover all the ELG.

Medium Term - From the ELG selected in the long term plans, I then highlight the stepping stones which I plan to cover over the term and write down ideas on how these will be accomplished. Every child at my setting has a tracker which is completed twice a term, once at half term and once at end of term. These show where each child is within the Foundation Curriculum, so the medium term planning will tie into what areas need covering most.

Short Term - Every ELG and SS selected in the medium term will then be written on seperate daily activity plans. Copies of these are then given to each keyworker for them to write observations to support the childrens development. Some of these activities will be adult led but others will be observed through free play.

SO each child will have at least 3 obs, on each stepping stone, from each learning goal over an academic year. The trackers monitor their progress, so no child will slip through the net.

As long as your obs are relevent to the SS, you can show your children are developing through the Foundation curriculum and most importantly the children are having fun in a relaxed fun environment - they will thrive.

All children are continually observed. If a child is struggling in an area, the childs keyworker will do an Individual Learning plan to do a more targeted ob.

Everyday we have different resources out and yes we mix - eg cars and the wooden blocks/stickle bricks. Dinosaurs and the lego.


Hope this helps a tiny bit and makes some sense.


Net x

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Hi Sharon!


See, I didn't forget!


We plan for the skills that are necessary for children to be able to achieve the elgs, rather than to ss or elg, but our planning can be readily demanstrated to link to to them. (as I believe you already know)


Obs are both casual and planned - each child is observed in depth for a session around about once a month. These obs are then used to develop a 'learning plan', of which all staff are aware, so all know that child's 'needs' within the environment, so interact and support as necessary.


All areas are fully resourced, in that we have organised storage so that children can access almost everything - makes for a messy-ish room, but happy children! Staff are aware of all possible learning outcomes, as well as the day's focus, so as they join in they will have this in mind - however, the children lead the learning in our areas, unless they are the Focus (one a day)


So - yes, our children 'just play', but with informed practitioners to join them, supporting learning where appropriate.


Any help?



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