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Please can anyone help? I have just been given the role of Foundation Stage Leader and I don't know where to start. I'm only in my second year having just completed my NQT year. I have not had anyone to ask as we haven't had a foundation leader since I started last year (thats a long story!) The head is very supportive but not early years trained.


I have been in charge of setting up planning etc, but what policies do I need to put in place and is there anything else I need to be in charge of?


On the same note, we are getting a new TA to support the new teacher starting in January and I wondered if I should be present at the interview?


Any help would be much appreciated. :o

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Hi Caroline, well done on getting the job especially in your second year of teaching.


First of all dont panic. Easy said I know, but you need to learn about the role before you dive in and overload yourself. It might help us a bit if you can tell us about your set up, eg are you a small team as this will impact on the job you need to do. Much of my job as coodinator was manging the team which was 13 strong with some very vibrant personalities and a lot of inexperience which required training.


If you dont have an action plan or part of the school SDP then Id suggest this as your first step. In order to achieve this you may want to do a brief audit of provision, what your strengths are, where you need to go as a phase, and these things should already have been written in your SEF. If you have had a recent OFSTED, that would be a good starting point too.


You can enlist the help of your early years support team or adviser too and ask to go on any course your LEA runs, this may well give a chance to network with other coordinators in your area.


Policy wise, I wouldn't worry too much about this yet, if you have none at all, put in on your action plan as something to investigate. We didnt have many separate policies, we had a bit written in to other policies in the school.We had a basic FS policy, a home visiting one as this was unique to us and an induction one.


And yes you do need to be on the interviewing panel for your new TA. Start thinking of the questions you would like to ask.

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Thanks for the quick response. In regards to my setting its two form entry, with the second intake coming in January. Last year (just as I started) they knocked down the wall to the two reception classses and during the summer I made it into a unit so we have one classes literacy and creative and the other numeracy and K and UW. I'm lucky to have a cover for the outside area. In regards to my class I have 26 children and 8 have SEN or EAL needs. At present I have 2 TA's in the morning and Manage 3 TA's in the afternoon as one of the TA's is a midday suppervisor.


I should say I have just had Ofsted in and they said they were impressed with the setting and what I had a achieved and gave me good. They highlight a few areas of improvement, which me and the head arre working through.


I have scheduled a meeting with the Head to talk about SEF and what she is expecting from me.


Thanks again


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