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Can anyone point me in the direction of a good list of objects to provide for a heuristic play session with babies/toddlers of say 10-20 moths? I've been reading the book by Anita Hughes and that does contain a list but just wondered if anyone regularly provides this play and has a good collection of objects that they wouldn't mind sharing?

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People Under Three -young children in day care

Elinor Goldschmied and Sonia Jackson - a really good book which includes a chapter on this. I love this book, if you've not read it it's well worth borrowing if not buying!


I like,

wooden curtain rings, and wooden kitchen roll holder or mug trees the tread them on.

Ribbons and lace

lots of soft fabrics cuttings

large buttons

various 'chains'


pretty much an extenstion of the treasure baskets really- but insead of one of each item lots!

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These links all have lists of objects to use - such as the list below.








Natural objects: fir cones, pebbles, shells, feathers, corks, pumice stone, loofah, conkers, natural sponge, avocado pear stones

Wooden objects: clothes peg, small bowl, curtain rings, wooden nail brush, wooden egg cup, spoons , wooden bowl, honey dipper, wooden egg, pastry brush, shaving brush, small baskets, paint brush, rolling pin, cotton reels, wood off-cuts

Metal objects: length of metal chain, spoons, tin lids, garlic crusher, metal beaker, brass curtain rings, bunch of keys, metal bowl, tea strainer, whisk, empty tin, bells

Leather, textile, rubber, or fur objects: coloured ribbons, velvet powder puff, piece of leather, flannel, woollen ball, leather purse, rubber gloves, small soft toy, small flannel, rubber ball, tennis ball, fur fabric, small raffia mat, leather glasses case

Paper / cardboard objects: notebook, greaseproof paper, egg boxes, sturdy cardboard tubes, the circles from inside sticky tape,

Other objects: small jar and lid, plug and chain, hair rollers, toothbrush, scent bags, bone shoe horn, ceramic bowl and anything else that takes your child’s interest!

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