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Risk Assmeants/ Daily Check List


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:o Would love to help, but you do need to be a bit more specific on what you need help with.


Are you unsure what to put on your risk assessment or how to grade it.


What do you want on your daily check list.


I have attached our risk assessment sheet for you to look at. Having just had an ofsted inspection the inspector said our risk assessments were very good and thorough.




We also have a daily check list of things we want to check i.e. easels locked into place, all doors locked, windows secure, socket covers in all plugs. We have a list on two A4 sheets that we check every day. This is made into a grid so that we can tick it off as we check it. xD

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I don't know if anyone still requires help with Risk Assessments but thought I'd attach a copy of mine, I was also going to attach my daily checklist which I have laminated to re-use everyday...but I can't find it out my PC ????? It's similar to the one above though.


Now just got to figure out how to attch :o



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