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Hi im a nqt in a nursery when i accepted the job the school thought ofsted were coming last summer term so i didnt worry but for one reason or another they didnt come so were waiting for inspection sometime this term .As this is my first inspection I have no idea what to expect or what i should be doing to prepare. Any suggestions or tips would be a great help thanks!

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Hi Rachel


If you click on the Resources section on the menu to the left, then look in Inspections there are some resources to help you prepare for the inspection.


They will take a look at any action points from the previous inspection to make sure they have been actioned so take a look at that.


They will also be particularly keen to ensure you know your policy on Safeguarding children, our supervisor was asked if she knew the 4 signs of child abuse.


Hope that's a little help!

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Apologies brain switching off for half-term.


I should say 4 types of child abuse namely










And how might you know if a child could be experiencing abuse ie withdrawn, agressive, overly affectionate, cigarette burns, fingertip shaped bruising on body, inadequately clothed etc.

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In a school nursery, the onus will be on the head and the SMT.

Dont worry too much.

You may well be observed teaching, so be prepared and you may be interviewed although if you have a FS coordinator they will do that. You will have 48 working hours notice and your head will receive a pre inspection briefing so will have some idea of the things that are or maybe focused upon. The focus will be decided by your heads SEF, so maybe ask to see that as there will be some evaluation of the nursery there. As an NQT you may be asked about induction.

Good luck.

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