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Hi Ruth,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for making your first post :o What course are you doing?

Colour, light and celebrations.....a huge topic! Some ideas you might want to consider are:

* Get the children to make a collage of a huge rainbow, and place boxes underneath, one of each colour, and collect items to put in them

* paint pictures and make collages using just one colour, but with a variety of shades (blues or greens look great, and give you scope to talk about how you make colours lighter and darker

* with Nov 5th coming up, there is lots of scope for firework pictures with fluorescent paint and glitter on black paper

* activities for Diwali, too....maybe make clay candle holders?

* get hold of some transparent coloured film (try your art shop); the children love looking at their world through coloured tints

*colour mixing with primary colours (keep to two colours each time, or it'll all end up being brown!)

* get some torches together, a white sheet, and make some stick puppets to put on a show

* do some artwork just using black and white...looks really effective

* Use books like Winnie the Witch or Elmer for some inspiration

* How do colours make you feel? Create some music for yellow!

*Have a rainbow party. Wear every colour,make colourful food, placemats, hats, etc. Play pass the parcel where each layer is a different colour, have a treasure hunt where the children have to find items of every colour.

* Get some paint sample cards from your local DIY shop and find things that match (if you use yellows, reds and greens at this time of year, you can make a brilliant autumn display.)


I'm sure you'll get loads more ideas. Good luck with your planning. How long are you planning for?

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HI, thanks everyone for your quick responces. I am Ruths placement class teacher. i ponited her in your direction as i just knew you would be able to help. It is a large topic but she has control to develop it as she wishes.

Hi Ruth, if your about!

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Thank you so much Helen for all of those ideas! A great help. I'm doing 4 years- BA (hons) Art and Education and this is my fourth and final practise. I'm planning for six weeks so any help with ideas is greatly appreciated.


Thanks again, Ruth.

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