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Little Red Riding Hood Numeracy Ideas?


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Hi there


next week my focus for numeracy will be comparing measures ( capacity, weight and length) but want to make some nice links with little red ridign hood.

Thought about some real baking using weighing scales e.g. cakes for grandma etc, also weighing items from red riding hoods basket, which weighs more less etc.

does anyone have any new or used ideas i could bring in for length and capacity, thought the ' wht big eyes you have, big teeth you have' etc is a good startign point for mathematical vocab. Any nice ideas, measuring with wolf prints??? can anyone help a tired, frazzled brain????

cheers everyone! :o

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How about something to do with her journey to Grandma's house - variety of routes and identifying which is the longest/shortest etc...


Sorry - that's about all I can manage I'm afraid!



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