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HI folks

I was at a children's centre recently and noticed that they had wall mounted perspex document holders for the children's learning journals... have done a search but can't seem to find any suitable. Has anyone got anything similar in their setting. Would be grateful of some leads

cheers ears


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Hi apple -

You can get these sorts of things in places that sell displays for shops - there are a couple in Brighton although I guess that's not a lot of good to you!


Or you can buy them online - here are a couple of options: click click.


Don't know if you can buy them in the standard early years catalogues anyone?

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thanks for the links Steve and Sue... gulped at the price though... have 104 to buy or could get away with 52 if we share between am and pm... although would have preferred them to have their own confidentiality and all that.

I have checked out staples but no luck there. I suppose I shall have to get my thinking cap or rather my creative cap on to see if I can think of someway else to have them readily available..hhhmmm.. any thoughts :o

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Ive seen document holders that folder up to transport and then hang down to allow you to access the contents. I think they have about 10 wallets and they werent that expensive.


I saw them in Lidl today and they have had them at Tchibo recently.

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