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Help Needed - 6 Week Plan


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Hello everyone,

For my level3 DPP, I need to do a 6 week plan for a pre-school identifying 5 experiances/ activities and disscussing development of the children in all the areas of learning. Trouble is I've got to do the plan as a table and have no idea how to go about it. I have never done any planning before so any pointers will be very welcome.




Sally :o

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Hi Sally

I'm also doing DPP planning this term. This is an excel sheet I made up for the MTP - mine is only 4 weeks but hopefully it will give you some ideas. I've never done planning before either and I've found it hard work. I think there are also some good ideas in resources??


Hope it helps




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Hi Sally,

I was going to describe what I had in mind, but it was easier to make the table and upload it!!

Just a suggestion :o I think you just have to bear in mind that all six areas are planned for over the course of the week (and, hopefully, each day within that week!) In my one, I've put five "experiences" or "vehicles for learning" across the top, and you'd need to split coverage of the six areas of learning between them.


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